Dr. Oz asked for health questions on Twitter, and it backfired mightily

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Dr. Mehmet Oz has become the latest celebrity to naively reach out to anonymous Twitter users (fingers crossed!) and end up getting skewered.

Oz put out a call Tuesday tweeting, “What is your biggest question for me?” He promised to answer some of his favorites on DoctorOz.com.  Like many before him, he made the mistake of asking people to use the hashtag #OzsInbox — neatly packaging the angry, trolling and comedic responses — along with the serious tweets.

The celebrity doctor was exposed for public judgement following a less-than-positive cycle in the media.  Oz was called to Capitol Hill to face a Senate grilling over his promotion of weight loss products and accusations of giving people false hope by peddling “miracles.”

While many legitimate questions were asked, Oz was attacked by not only viewers and trolls, but also fellow doctors:





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