British woman has surgery to reduce seizures caused by Ne-Yo’s music

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(PIX11) – A British woman underwent surgery to reduce music-induced seizures caused by Ne-Yo’s voice.

Zoe Fennessy, 26, was diagnosed with “musicogenic seizures,” which leaves her vomiting, sleepy and thirsty after the 15-second fits are over, reported.

“It took me a while to realize that they were being triggered by his songs, and I think it wasn’t until I had heard it for about the 15th time that it finally twigged what was going on,” Fennessy told the website.

Fennessy experienced her first music-induced seizure when she heard Ne-Yo’s “Give Me Everything” featuring Pitbull, which topped the charts May 2011. The fits became more common in 2012 when the singer released the hit songs “Let’s Go” and “Turn Around.”

To avoid the music, Fennessy would wear headphones whenever she went out. In June, she underwent a 6-hour surgery to have part of her left temporal lobe removed, where doctors believed the seizures originated, according to

The surgery did not cure Fennessy, but it did help reduce her symptoms. Fennessy still experiences fits when she hears the singer’s voice and doctors aren’t completely sure why.

“It could possibly be something in the tone of his voice, something like that, but it doesn’t happen when I hear Usher, or people like him who have a similar sound. It is only him, only Ne-Yo,” Fennessy told the website.