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‘All I wanted to do was go home’: Man who slapped subway attacker speaks

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Sporting the 8-ball leather jacket that has gained him notoriety on the streets and online, Jorge Peña faced reporters for the first time Thursday, nearly a week after his involvement in a now-viral subway brawl that was uploaded to YouTube.

Describing the events that led up to the altercation where he was attacked by a fellow rider, identified as Danay Howard, the Bronx man at times became emotional.

"That's not me, I'm not that guy," he said. "She gave me no choice."

After the fight went viral, Peña says he can no longer take the train because he is quickly recognized.

"I love my jacket," He said, becoming emotional when asked how the incident made him feel.  "I cannot wear this jacket anymore.  "

Peña, 25, had just ended a late shift early Saturday when he hopped on an uptown F train and crossed paths with Howard and her friends.

Pena says he can no longer take the subway nor wear his now-famous 8-ball jacket. (Andrew Ramos)

He says he can no longer take the subway nor wear his now-famous 8-ball jacket. (Andrew Ramos)

"All I wanted to do was go home to my baby and my baby's mom. I'm not a man [who looks] for trouble."

In the brawl, which was all captured on video, Peña was ridiculed and mocked by Howard for his attire -- a fur hat and his leather 8-ball jacket.

Howard, who was being egged on by friends on the train, is later seen striking Peña with the heel of her stiletto shoe from behind, causing a laceration near his left ear.

"When I saw blood coming down on all my face, I had to do something," Peña said, explaining why he slapped Howard which then sparked a full blown brawl in the subway car.

"I had to do what I did you know, I was trying to defend myself," he said. "I’m a man. I [was] afraid that she hit my eye. Could’ve made me blind or something."

Peña and Howard were among the four who were arrested and charged when authorities arrived at the scene.

The Bronx man spent four nights in prison as a result of the attack. Attorneys representing Peña are investigating why he was held for so long despite not being the aggressor.

The Manhattan District Attorney dropped all the charges against Peña Wednesday, determining he acted out in self defense.

The incident is still under investigation.









  • Matthew Sims

    That ratchet hoe was totally out of line. Good on him for bitch slapping her. Maybe now she’ll think twice before harassing and attacking someone for something as petty as their clothes.

    Seriously, I wish he had punched her. Where is she now? lmao, the Whole world saw her get owned hahaha

  • james wiltshire

    i wish Pena all the best in in civil lawsuit. hopefully, he’ll sue the loud-mouth shallow black bitch and the wannabe hero too. i find black people to be the most materialistic beings i encounter. they hurl insults at strangers about “outdate” sneakers, coats etc. well what is to be expected from elements who spend millions on fancy rims for cars, bling accessories etc. ps: your commenter is of afro-anglo-caribbean heritage! i wish Pena had permanently broken the bitch’s jaw and knocked out some teeth . this would have served as reminder that she should let and let live.

  • Nina

    I’m not one for a aby man hitting a woman, and it’s not a contradiction. However, the little rachet ones acting so self righteous as if they are better than most hopefully will learn a lesson or Prehaps not because they don’t seem bright enough to live and learn. James I agree with all you said. The pettiness of the name brands of clothes, speakers etc. Pena one could tell your not a man of trouble as you tried to walk away from it. The slap was sufficient a punch from a man to a woman just shows a man punching a woman he’s an abusive man. How it indicates you slap her to calm the f@#! Down and that Pena shows you wouldn’t do that. Kudos and good luck to you and your family. Now don’t be afraid of taking the train do what you must do..

      • Nina

        It’s not sexiest did you even read the story? She was charged and I indicated the slap was enough because she so deserved that. Smh. And yes it is a crime if you hit anyone, it’s called assault. Regardless man or woman. Lol your bright..

  • Christopher F Cheney

    So glad to here he not charged… but there is another story why was he held so long there no reason to hold someone that long. wearing 8 ball jacket and his hat he shouldn’t care what some bimbo did she needs to faces charges and i hope this man comes with 8 ball jacket to watch her court date

    • Noel Cordero

      American black girls are known for this, since they hate anyone lighter than them. And they are insecure so they have to mock everyone else. You act like man, you get hit like a man.

  • Evett M Taylor

    I feel so bad for that man i would have slapped the bitch too ……actually i would have punched her not just slapped her i am against violence against women however i would have what she did was so wrong and it is bullying at it’s finest that women is not a women a real women would never just look for a fight with a total stranger what about humanity? ……where is it in this case?

  • maria

    They should’ve let the guy go and prosecute the girl, he was defending himself and he did nothin, but the law sucks, I think women should get hit back by men if they are attacked by woman

  • Anita Gibson

    I always thought the 8 ball simply represents the game of pool. Leave it to a religious fanatic to make it about the bible. Whether Mr. Pena knows it , or not that slap was for all the kids and adults being bullied, and the ones that are no longer here because they were so severely bullied. Be safe young man and God bless you.

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