40 years later, a look back at the murders that inspired the ‘Amityville Horror’

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AMITYVILLE, Long Island (PIX1) -- The murders of six members of one family shocked the nation and put the quiet residential town of Amityville on the map.

The family's eldest son, Ronald DeFero Jr., was found guilty of the rampage, a rampage that gave birth to the ultimate horror story, one that continues to haunt us today.

In his correspondence with me, DeFeo professed his innocence and expressed distress that he was cut out of any deals in the Amityville story -- which he declares is a hoax.

He's been turned down on past attempts to gain parole. He gets another shot at it next summer when he once again is scheduled to go before the parole board.

Often I'm asked about what I experienced the night I spent in the house.

Despite all the drama, my answer is simple: nothing out of the ordinary.