Mobile app promises to solve NYC’s epic parking problem

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- There's never a dull moment when looking for parking in New York City.

Just ask the pair of drivers who squared off for a coveted spot and went viral on YouTube.

Nowadays, if you're looking for a spot there's definitely an app for that. Actually there's a ton of apps for that.

One of them is ParkMe, a free app that claims to help you find and reserve the closest and cheapest parking in your vicinity.

If you’re opting to park on a public street but you just can't decipher classic New York City street sign jargon, Parking NYC is your app.

Just fill in the fields of where you are and the app directs you to nearby streets where you’re cleared to park – and you WON’T get a parking ticket.

There's also SpotHero which claims its going to solve New York City's parking problem by offering top notch parking at the best discounted rate in and around town.

PIX11 hit the streets with Will Elliot, head of SpotHero’s east coast operations where we put the app to the test.

“No one has ever said to themselves, ‘I wish I spent more time in traffic looking in parking,’” Elliot explained.

“What we’re trying to do with our app is to give people an opportunity to search for parking, get discounted rates and book it so they could have a guaranteed spot so they could go where they need to go more quickly.”

After installing and loading the app, users input the address or venue of where they want to go. A list of nearby parking garages emerge, providing all the competitive prices and guaranteeing you the lowest rate.

“As part of our promise you will never pay more than if you just drive up to the garage when using our app,” Elliot said.

During PIX11’s SpotHero test run Wednesday, we found a deal just 2 blocks away from our destination of Madison Square Garden.

$25 for 12 hours – typically unheard of if you don’t secure that early bird special. It should be noted, SUVs and larger vehicles are subject to an additional charge of $15.

For more information on SpotHero, ParkMe and Parking NYC, click on their links below.

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