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VIDEO: Queens bus driver gets into fight with teen who didn’t pay fare

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JAMAICA, Queens (PIX11) — A teen wanting a free ride on a Queens bus ended up arrested after getting into a dispute with an MTA driver Tuesday.

Video obtained by the Daily News shows 16-year-old Kobe Vaughn arguing with the driver aboard a Q112 bus near Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

Witnesses told the News that Vaughn asked the driver if he could ride for free.

The driver can be heard calling the teen a “bum a**” because he couldn’t pay the fare.

“If I was a grown man, would you be doing this?” Vaughn asks the driver.

Vaughn refuses to get off the bus, at which point the situation escalates with the driver attempting to shove him off the bus.

“It was really horrible,” a woman told the paper. “It was unbelievable. I didn’t think it would escalate to that point.”

After finally getting off the bus, the teen allegedly threw a garbage can at the door.

According to the News, Vaughn has been charged with criminal mischief.

The driver of the bus was not charged, but an MTA spokesman said, “Bus operators are instructed to avoid any type of altercation in cases involving fare evasion. The incident is under investigation.”




  • Stephanie Schuppar

    That little boy deserved more than a shove. That driver did well ! All these teenagers today think they’re untouchable and can run their mouths to whoever, whenever! His momma never taught him RESPECT.

  • Djmellowg E. Matos

    They were both wrong but one is a child and the other is a grown adult with a job and career. He was ways out of line and started the physical part of the altercation. Worst part is that the next time the rich powers that be decide they want to make a few buck$$ on the backs of hard working New Yorkers he will be depending on the people that ride his bus to stand up to those powers to save his job (and yes, this young man is our next generation, our future). The public entrusts you with responsibilities to serve us; it does not give you the right to violate that trust.

  • Jose

    #Humanity is #brainwash I personally would have pay the kid bus #fare just to avoid arguments and the bus to get moving and people to get to their destinations on time what is wrong with humanity these days unbelievable they rather record and watch the #situation #escalate …

    Welcome to #NewYorkCity

    • Sean

      Why pay the kids fare? Then you show him it’s fine to hop on a bus with no cash, because someone else will take care of it for him. The driver went too far for sure and should have just called the cops and had them meet him at the next stop. With the way I was raised, I would NEVER get on public transportation if I couldn’t pay. In a rare instance that it might be necessary then I would ask politely and if turned down, thank the driver and LEAVE THE BUS. The problem here is the kid asked for a free ride, got told no, then refused to get off and started mouthing off to the driver. It’s pure entitlement, plain and simple. It seems like the kid was never taught respect or how to treat others correctly. He even insults the driver for being a bus driver. This coming from someone who can’t afford bus fare? Come on now….

  • Shani

    Honestly, this went further than it had to. The bus driver overreacted. If the boy asked him to ride the bus, he should’ve let him. Some of these kids may not have the money. Allowing a free ride doesn’t hurt him and God knows what he might’ve saved him from. He asked. He didn’t sneak on in the back which is what the rude teens do. The adult acted totally out of character. The teenager should’ve gotten off and waited for the next bus. These egos and pride escalated a situation which could’ve been avoided with a little sympathy. We’re all humans.

  • Thewalrus

    This is stupid. The bus driver was way out of line. Especially for some dollars and change. If he didnt want to except the kid on the bus he should have called the cops and let that be that. But DO NOT get up from your chair and confront the person at all- he was escalating the issue. Yeah the boy was rude, damnit they all are but he was not physically threatening the bus driver in anyway. Getting in someones face that damn close is inviting confrontation- and that bus driver should learn to control his anger. When I used to ride the bus people used to get on all the time through the back of the bus and not pay a damn cent and no one said anything. At least this kid was straight up about not having the money. He didnt need to be verbally and physically abused cause of it.

  • Kashmere

    I don’t see where the teen was wrong.. when the video first comes on he said he is waiting for the cops because the driver put his hands on him after he first asked for the ride.. it looks as if the boy is trying to go to school so why not give him the ride.. ppl bash the future generation for not doing the right thing but even when they are doing the right thing things like this happen.. these bus drivers need to calm down cause it’s not like the fare was coming from his pay check anyway.. nothing is ever that serious.. and why was the teen charged and the driver initiated the physical contact

    • Jose

      the kid definitely was not doing anything wrong if anything everybody in the bus was wrong imagine if that was your child with no money trying to get a ride….. society makes no sense now in days

    • On tib

      The kid said he was waiting for the cops to get him off the bus. Not cos he was hit, cos he wanted to get a free ride.

  • chris

    For those who don’t know if a kids metro card is stolen they aren’t given a new one until the next semester so if they don’t have a lot of money and have to take multiple buses they have to ask. One time I let a girl in front of me my metro to use because she was embarrassed then I asked to get on and the driver called me a “future reject” these drivers have no heart sometimes

  • richie....................

    kid deserved it ………………no respect, Drivers deal with that crap constantly. He used his age and the fact that the adult could not touch him to his advantage but it back fired. If the driver waits for the cops to arrive, he is the bad guy for not moving the bus people and then the passengers belittle him. But, if he lets it go, it maintains and continues the pattern that has become way too frequent and out of control. Why ask if you are going to take the ride anyway? you asked the answer was “no” have a nice day and get off… Now the parent (most likely single family household) will sue…. and the dysfunction will continue to grow

  • Marlon

    That is a duck head the kid for free ride u don’t the situation u going call the little s bum, I would not get off either n further it would off someone his size he would not get in his first and second if was a female asking him for a ride it would of be no problem, cuase den bitch ass niggas always flirting

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