New transit hub opens to riders and tourists and they have some questions

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The Fulton Center is up and running.

The MTA says the complex, with transfers to 8 subway lines in lower Manhattan and access to the R station at Cortlandt Street, serves 300,000 daily riders.

A free-transfer was not created for that connection at Fulton Center because of the cost (about $2 million in revenue) and availability of other switches within the system, an MTA representative explained.

A transfer will be created when the World Trade Center Transit Hub connects to Fulton Center and links the E and 1 trains with the R. That complex is scheduled to open at the end of 2015.

Westfield, a property management company, is the master lessee for the location (as well as the WTC Transit Hub one block away). That company is working on filling retail and commercial space. Those announcements are expected in 2015 and the MTA will earn revenue from the space.

Fulton Center features a skylight or sunroof that brings natural light two stories underground

Fulton Center features a skylight that brings natural light two stories underground.                                                                                                       Photo by: Greg Mocker

The #FULTON CENTER hashtag has been trending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as riders and visitors post pictures of the skylight. The MTA refers to it as the "Sky Refector Net."

Federal funds from the 9/11 Recovery fund paid for 90% of the $1.4 billion dollar project. Leaders call it a symbol of New York rising again.

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