Howard helps ‘Dirty Razkal’ get money owed by online retailer

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) -- Jamal Momon of Jersey City is an amazing guy. He has a wife, three small kids and a full time I-T job in Manhattan. But somehow he finds the time to run his own urban street wear clothing line, Dirty Razkal.

“I mean sometimes I get no sleep. I’m just like grinding all through the night, doing whatever it takes,” he told us on a sunny September afternoon.

But it seems nothing he could do could get the major online retailer Karmaloop to pay him the money it owed him. He’d done a major wholesale order for Karmaloop to sell. He was owed $21,000! That’s A LOT for a small business. It jeopardized Jamal’s fall/winter line.

“Multiple times a week I contact them ... It’s basically a cut and dry situation.” He cut a deal and Karmaloop hung him out to dry. He was getting a runaround instead of his money.

Anyway, Jamal asked for help. And while we were poking around doing research, we came across something interesting on Karlamloop’s website.

Founder and CEO Greg Selkoe has a message telling anyone who needs him to get in touch. And he even provides his email and phone number.

So, we emailed and called. And that did the trick. Karmaloop overnighted a check to Jamal. He had it the very next day.

“It’s for the full amount,” Jamal gleefully exclaimed as he opened up the check in our presence. “Help Me Howard works!”

Yes, we do.