‘OITNB’ actress reflects on confronting hateful subway preacher

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) --  If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,”  then you know the character “Big Boo” is no pushover.

“I know how to talk in front of people. I know how to talk to someone when I’m disagreeing with them. It’s all part of my work,” actress Lea DeLaria said.

If you know anything about Lea DeLaria, the actress who plays Big Boo, then you shouldn't have been surprised to see her delivering a verbal smack down to a homophobic man, supposedly a preacher, on the M train Tuesday morning.

Lea is out, proud of it and a trailblazer for gay and lesbian comics whose record of killing it on stage -- as comics put it -- dates back three decades.

But this week, the comic/jazz singer and actress was on her way to film an episode of “Orange” trying to memorize her lines when she could no longer ignore the hate speech that was now breaking her concentration.

“I’ve dealt with the crazy person who stands there and talks to themselves. I’ve had the mariachi band. I’ve had the hip hop guys swinging around the bars. In fact, you come to expect that. I don’t want to be at 9 o’clock in the morning, on my morning commute, being told by some guy, that we’re all fornicators, sinners and going to hell,” DeLaria said.

The homophobic preacher met his match.

Confronted by a fierce, quick-witted New Yorker who just happens to have some serious religious training: eight years of Catholic school education.

“I know the Bible. I was forced to read the Bible seven days a week.  He was doing that thing, that smug smile thing they do when you talk," DeLaria said. "But when he got off the train, he was still trying to get his last word in. But I got the last word. Thank god he left. Everybody clapped. Every man, every woman was applauding on that subway."


  • Betty Adams

    Notice the title, HATEFUL SUBWAY PREACHER!??! I heard him, and he didn’t seem hateful at all , but she did! This seems very intended to start the hate campaign on Christians @Pix11

  • Nora Keymah

    your talking about God and your use a lower case G, your are the ones hating. That preacher didn’t preach a hate message, it just the harsh truth.

  • Edith Rifenbary Wherton

    Hmmm jeez not prejudiced much, are you? hateful??? really? did you interview him? thats not exactly unbiased news reporting. but thats a lost art. somehow the person hired to look for FACTS thinks he/ she is an editor. what did he say that isnt in the Bible? if she has really read the Bible she would know that. where she lost her argument was the fact that she lost control. that wasn’t arguing. that was not reasoned. that was hateful invective. its also typical of the LGBT movement. hysteria is the last refuge of the person with no real argument. he met his match? what he met was a raging screaming virago. as for not wanting to hear things at 9 in the morning i doubt that she would be ready for the truth at 9 pm either. its time to take back the rainbow

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