McRib video: McDonald’s reveals truth about the sandwich

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The McRib.

The very word elicits a range of emotions in the consumer. For some, the annual return of the McDonald’s sandwich is nothing short of an event, a brief window in time to savor one of the most elusive of fast-food restaurant menu items.

But for others, the McRib is the ultimate object of fast-food derision , roundly dismissed as frankenfood that doesn’t have any rib but does allegedly contain a chemical found in — yuck — yoga mats.

So which is it? Wonderful fast-food treat or fodder for late-night comics, not human consumption?

McDonald’s has released a video that it claims shows the entire process of the patty’s creation, and proves that the McRib’s bad rep is based on myth, not fact.

The guest star is a gentleman named Wes Bellamy from Charlottesville, Va., who tweeted a nasty comment about the McRib. McDonald’s noticed his tweet and invited him — along with “Mythbusters” host Grant Imahara — to tour the Lopez Foods factory in Oklahoma City, where the sandwich is manufactured, to address his concerns.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Are you convinced?


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