Domenic Recchia concedes win to Rep. Grimm for congressional seat

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11)-- Democrats were hopeful they could take one House seat from a GOP incumbent in New York's 11th district, but that was not the case Tuesday.

Dominec Recchia, the former City Councilman from Brooklyn, conceded to embattled Representative Michael Grimm just after 11 o'clock while trailing by more than 10 points with two-thirds of the votes counted.

Political gaffs by Recchia during the campaign and Grimm's pending indictment on 20 counts of fraud led some to dub this race "the clueless versus the criminal".

Still Democratic supporters remained confident into the evening citing strong voter turnout.

But in the end the challenger couldn't make up a nearly 20-point hole from pre-election polls.

Recchia summed up his reaction to the voters' decision by quoting a Republican, Abraham Lincoln. "It's like a young boy who stubbed his toe in the dark," Recchia said. "You're too old to cry, it hurts too much to laugh."

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