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‘You ruined my life!’: Kids’ react hilariously to Halloween candy prank

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(PIX11) — It’s that bittersweet time of year again: when parents tell their children they ate their hard-earned Halloween candy, all with a camera rolling.

The annual prank spurred by latenight host and troublemaker Jimmy Kimmel drew over-the-top tantrums and an expletive-laden rant by a little girl who did not appreciate the joke.

Some of the kids took it on the chin — or tried to convince themselves that all was fine.

“We’ll get some more next time,” one girl smiles sweetly.

While others wanted to cut all communication with their traitor parents.

“I don’t want you to talk to me for the rest of my life!” a boy cries.

Still others were exasperated, as if they’ve been through this ordeal before.

“I told you not to. I told you! You can never, ever, ever listen about candy,” another girl says.

The 4-minute video showcases the producers’ favorite reactions out of thousands, and ends with a call for excess candy to be donated to U.S. troops serving overseas through Operation Gratitude.