‘OITNB’ actress Lea DeLaria confronts subway preacher

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) — “Orange Is The New Black” star Lea DeLaria had a shouting match with a subway preacher, video obtained by TMZ shows.

DeLaria, clad in jeans and a “Bad Jew” t-shirt, repeatedly yelled “You have no right!” to a man who was trying to inform passengers about Jesus and his faith.

“You have absolutely no right, sir!” the “Big Boo” actress said while directing him to get off the train.

“Other people believe other things and have every right to believe other things on this planet and in this world,” she said.

The star continued to say Jesus never told him to preach on the subway. She even challenged him to show her where in the Bible Jesus said so.

He says “OK,” but the actress immediately responds.

“Don’t come at me ’cause I went to f—king Catholic school for 12 years and I know every line.”

The subway preacher appears unfazed and continues to speak — or tries to.

“As long as you keep talking, I’ll keep talking,” DeLaria said. “If you want to press your faith, go to another train.”


  • tm

    She knows every line, but that’s all she knows. Apparently it didn’t do her much good. She’s harassing someone who’s trying to help people’s faith. What a disgrace.

  • tm

    Also, Jesus said “Go and preach the gospel (Good News) to every creature”. It’s called The Great Commission. This goes to show you can’t believe everything people say, you have to think about it.

      • DAW

        Not sure about the OP but I would say that anyone has the right to preach on a subway station – no matter what their religion. Last I checked it’s still America. If I as a Christian don’t want to hear it, I’ll move along to another area or car or put headphones in my ears as it is also my right not to listen. But from a standpoint of both Christianity and legality we should never shut someone down because we disagree and tell them they have no right thanks to the First Amendment and Matt. 7:1- “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

  • saradiehl

    Every single day I am “subjected to” …tolerant of… kind to people from different background, religions and so on. Why doesn’t the world offer Christians this same respect. Christianity has become (or remains, however you want to see it) the bottom of the barrel, in terms of religion around the world. Tolerance should come from all sides. Sad to see a woman in a position to speak and influence such a large audience, piss away get platform on ignorance.

    • MORONS

      It’s because you’re all hateful, unintelligent and hypocrites who do nothing useful and judge everyone. In your little book of fairy tales, I’m pretty sure the big thing in there is not to judge others, but oh, it’s okay for this asshole to tell gay people on the subway that they’re going to burn in hell because he’s Christian? Maybe if you all spent your time minding your business and being NICE, GOOD PEOPLE rather than annoying the shit out of everyone and making up your own fake rules to condone your hate towards your fellow man, people wouldn’t look down on Christians.

      • saradiehl

        I never said I, myself, was a Christian. Just merely pointing out the fact that I see Christians face a lot of adversity with no politically correct backers jumping to their rescue… but on the flip-side of that, other groups who experience hatred are protected immensely.

        In that entire write-up I never once saw the mention of anyone telling gay people they were going to burn in hell. Perhaps you are referencing a different story??

        That message you sent, based on your own words…hateful, unintelligent… would suggest that you are a Christian. Your reply to me is hateful and ignorant while my post was simply pointing out the fact that tolerance should go in every direction, no matter who is in the spotlight. If you are so passionate about protecting gay people on the subway, I assume you spend as much time helping to spread the message of loving all people as you do posting hateful shit on WordPress?

        Oh, also… I don’t have a “little book of fairy tales.” If that truly existed, perhaps there would be more people riding off into the sunset and less people using online platforms to voice messages of ignorance, hypocrisy and hatred. Good luck to you. The way I see it, if this is how you treat people, you’ve got a rough way to go.

        PS: If you change your mind, and would like to step on over to the other side… feel free to check out my blog. It certainly isn’t a blog of fairy tales, but there just might be enough kindness, love, and honesty over there to soften your hardened heart. Everyone gets a re-do. Everyday. :)

    • Morons

      Oh my GOD, blah blah blah, I will never read your stupid ass blog, go convert someone else who’s weak minded/mentally ill/afraid of dying so they need to be comforted by fairy tales.

      Read my other comments. How do I know this guy is hateful, bigoted, homophobic, etc…? Because I live here and have dealt with him and people’s reactions to him on more than one occasion. Do you think this woman, who’s an actress and somewhat well known, would just attack a person preaching on the subway for no reason? Use what’s left of that waste of a brain, and read beyond the lines, along with every other idiot on this board who’s blabbing about how “NO ONE LOVES JESUS, LET THIS MAN PREACH, LET’S BE TOLERANT OF CHRISTIANS!!!!”

      Why do you think no one is tolerant of your religion? Because you’re bad people. Fuck off.

  • Peter Carey

    She is a typical NYC liberal. “You have no rights because I say you don’t”. That preacher had EVERY right to preach in the subway if you don’t like it don’t listen but to try to silence him by telling him he has no rights? Where does she get off saying that. The preacher should sue the liberal loser until she is acting in the sewer cause that’s where her talent is. She is a garbage actress

    • Sir

      What exactly is a typical NYC liberal, and have you ever lived in ny long enough to know what you are talking about? I doubt it. And before you think it, no I am most certainly not a liberal.

    • MORONS

      Don’t listen? Go watch videos of this asshole screaming at the top of his lungs at 7:30 in the morning, they’re all over. I would love, LOVE for any of you people defending him to be in her position, having a complete stranger insult and demean you completely unprovoked. All you hateful homophobes would be in jail for punching him, I’m sure, which she didn’t do.

  • Alvaro Rivera

    Mark 16:15 says “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” He does have the right to preach so many people a re going to hell each passing day. We ignore them and move it we cannot let Satan silence our voices.

    • MORONS

      Hell isn’t real you fucking idiot, it’s a fairy tale. Oh, and if it is real, guess who’s going there? Hateful homophobes and the people who defend them.

  • Matthew Norris

    What a fucking nutjob Lea Delaria is. Like what happened to your poor unfulfilled life that made you so angry against something so beautiful. “You have no right”?! Ummm yess i do bitch its called freedom of assembly guess they didn’t teach you that in your 12 years of Catholic school huh

    • MORONS

      Freedom of assembly doesn’t apply to any normal human when someone is screaming and ranting hateful speech in your face. This person isn’t a preacher, anyone religious would be ashamed of the things that he says. He’s a provoker and says the most asinine things he can come up with in the moment using “God” and “Jesus” just so he can get a reaction out of people. You can see him laughing in the video. I can’t wait until someone knocks his teeth out and I never have to see him on my train before work again.

  • Sofie

    Just like the dude has every right to preach, the rest of us have every right to not have to listen to him do so. I applaud her personally. These subway and street corner preachers are annoying. If you want to preach, do so in a church where the people want to hear it, not in a public place where no one wants to hear it.

  • Anthony

    Whether she found it annoying or not, he was practicing his right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. She was doing nothing but oppressing and verbally assaulting him. SHE was 100% wrong. There are other train cars. Go sit in one of them.

    • MORONS

      LOL, do you even live in NYC? Do ANY of you people spouting “freedom of speech, freedom of religion” live in NYC? Obviously not because you wouldn’t be so quick to condemn the lesbian for sticking up for herself against some agressive, hateful bigot.

  • Morons

    You religions commenters are a bunch of idiots and this is why everyone hates you. I see this guy on the subway all the time. He’s obnoxious, loud, and insulting to everyone. Amongst telling people they’re going to hell for drinking and fornicating, he also speaks incredibly insulting things about homosexuals, which is considered HATE SPEECH and not legal so f*ck off with your second amendment BS. That’s why she’s telling him to get off the train, not because he’s politely preaching Jesus’s love. Every time I’m on the train with this guy, someone gets offended and starts yelling at him, this time it just happened to be caught on video because she’s famous. Good for her.

    • DAW

      I see your name is Morons. Maybe you’re just trying to warn people not to listen to you?? Go back, double check your history. The second amendment protects your right to bear arms. Perhaps you join Lea in a remedial course on US History as it pertains to the formation of our country and its legal systems?

      • MORONS

        I was (clearly) making fun of a comment that was posted earlier by some dumbass Christian that’s since been removed but thank you for ignoring the basic facts about my comment which describe that this person is a bigot and illegally harasses people on the subway.

  • DAW

    So, um, I’m pretty sure he has every right. It’s called the First Amendment. Apparently she paid just as much attention to the Constitution as she did to the Bible…

    • MORONS

      Oh, he has every right to harrass homosexuals (amongst others) on the subway by screaming in their faces that they’re going to burn in hell? So if you’re on the subway, and I go up to you and tell you I hope someone slits your kids throat then that’s perfectly okay, right? Freedom of speech.

      • Sir

        I am guessing that you are a homosexual that has been harassed or offended by this man before?If that is the case my friend I would advise you to either ride the train with headphones so that when you see this man again you have the option to not listen to him. If he gets in your face then I would advise you to seek out a police officer and press charges for the verbal harassment and assault, but he DOES have every right to say what he wants as long as it does not incite a riot, covered under the 1st amendment. I wish you luck brother, cause clearly you have just as much hate in your heart as the Christians that you are criticizing.

    • Morons

      I’m not a man, and I’m not gay. Believe it or not there are people who think all people should be treated equally so when I see someone who spends his days berating others and all of you impressionable morons defending him, I’m going to say something.

      • Sir

        I am not defending him, but I am defending his 1st amendment rights under the constitution, which you should be also because without it you would not be able to type the mean and ignorant things that I have read from you thus far. I’m one of those new yorkers that travels with my headphones because I know that I will come across a variety of people who I do not care to hear during my time on the subway.

  • DAW

    Not all Christians are “dumbasses”. Not all Christians are “homophobes”. Not all Christians are “unintelligent”. Not all Christians “judge everyone”. Notice I’m also not saying that no Chrisitans are any of these things. Some are. Some aren’t. I hope you realize “Morons” that by lumping all of us Christians into one stereotype you are performing the same abhorrent behavior your rants condemn. First Amendment or no, if this man is communicating threats and unlawfully harassing, he is NOT fulfilling the Great Commission because he is ignoring John 13:34 where we are called as Christians to “love others as I have loved you”. God loves every sinner no matter the sin and no sin is greater than another. We as humans and followers of Christ are called to spread His message of LOVE to all nations. I am saddened that you have formed such a jaded view of all Christians because of the actions and words of some. I simply ask for you to reflect on your words and realize that they are just as condemning, just as hate filled, and just as ill informed as those that you feel ALL Christians have. On another note, being a Christian doesn’t make you love guns. Loving guns doesn’t make you a Christian. Owning and knowing how to use a gun for hunting to feed your family and to protect your family from harm does not make you a bad person.

    • dmitriy

      oh okay, so apparently because of 6 mistranslated verses taken out of context, you feel a sense of entitlement to make queer people’s lives a hell on earth. classic Christian bullshit right here.

  • nicolevcortes

    It’s called freedom of speech, he does have a right to say or scream whatever he wants. GOD IS REAL. I’m sure if it was someone violent cursing up a storm she would have not said anything. Us Christians always get attacked because we speak the truth and no one likes to hear the truth! God is the truth!

  • Paul

    Lea has a problem with free speech. She was a friend of mine on Facebook till the day I responded to her Jesus jokes one Easter morning. I simply mentioned that it was in poor taste as she had not yet mastered the workings of Facebook, that when someone comments on a post, All of her friends see the conversation! She cursed me out, showed that she viewed my profile, spewed out all her profanities, quite disgusting stuff, then deleted all conversation and deleted me lol. She is a true bucket of piss.


    What a bitch……… Just like she has the right to bitch he has a right to preach! She should have sat her ugly ass down! I wish i was on that train to put her on point!!

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