Family searches for stranger who helped 81-year-old after he was violently mugged

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SUNNYSIDE, Queens (PIX11) -- Why anyone would choose to beat down an 81-year-old, legally blind, 130 pound man and then rob him, is a question that this Queens community is asking now, while it searches for the two men who cops say carried out the attack.

Meanwhile, the victim's family is also searching for a Good Samaritan who helped the injured and abandoned octogenarian.

His name is Bill Eichhorn, and it doesn't take much to realize that he poses no threat. "You could have the big bad wolf huff and puff and blow him away," said his daughter, Mary Ann Gasparro, lovingly. She's helping to lead the charge to find the men who took advantage of Eichhorn's frailty a week ago Sunday, when the bank was closed, but its lobby was open.

Eichhorn had gone in on his way home from mass, to get money for a newspaper and a bagel. That's when two men followed him into the lobby and beat him, as his cash was coming out of the ATM.

"'Give it up,' they said," Eichhorn told PIX11 News. "I wasn't giving it up fast enough."

Their three blows left their victim on the ground, unable to move, as the men walked away. "I was screaming to the top of my lungs, 'Help, help!'" Eichhorn said, "because I didn't know what else to do. There was nobody was around."

The extent of his injuries was outlined by his daughter. "His face was split open on the side," she told PIX11 News. "And his elbow was also cut, and his wrist was swollen. He had black and blues."

"You look at the surveillance pictures," she went on. "These people appear to be 250 pounds each. Why they felt the need, if they were going to take his money, they were going to take it. But to knock him over and punch him, that was for their pure enjoyment."

The local city council member, Jimmy Van Bramer (D) - Sunnyside, has been handing out and posting wanted posters throughout the neighborhood. "Because if they would knock Bill Eichhorn to the ground," Van Bramer said in an interview, "they would knock my mother to the ground, they would knock anybody's grandmother or -father to the ground."

That may be why a passerby, a moment after the men fled from the beating, noticed Eichhorn on the floor and took action.

"Some Good Samaritan who is anonymous to us came into the bank," Eichhorn's daughter Mary Ann Gasparro said, "[and] helped him to his feet and even went with him to the 108 precinct to make sure he was okay."

So while police now hunt for the bad guys, their victim and his family look for a hero. "I'd like to meet him or see him," Eichhorn told PIX11 News, "at least to thank him, and maybe even give him something."