Exit polls find voters unhappy with Obama, the GOP

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Voters who have taken part in today’s midterms are expressing dissatisfaction and even anger with the Obama administration. But exit polling doesn’t let Republican leaders off the hook either.

The surveys of people leaving polling places showed the biggest concern is still the economy. Despite the drop in jobless rates and soaring stock prices, most voters say the economy is stagnating or getting worse.

Just 1 in 5 say they trust the government to do what is right most or all of the time, slightly fewer than in the 1994 midterms, when Republicans seized control of the House and Senate, and the last time the exit poll asked that question.

Most midterm voters were pessimistic. They were more than twice as likely to say that life will be worse for the next generation.

Republicans are getting some of the blame as well. About a quarter of voters say they are dissatisfied or angry with both GOP leaders in Congress and Obama, whose name isn’t on the ballot. Another 6 in 10 are unhappy with one or the other of them.


  • Mira Patel (@qatifemyj)

    Are we surprised? I have a hard time seeing anything that’s better post Obama. Racial tensions are higher now then they’ve been in decades.

    A record number of people are living below their means. The democrats wants to raise the minimum wage to some absurd number without understanding the damage it would cause.

    The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private enterprise!)

    The economy is still a wreck despite reports trying to paint rosy pictures. Millions of people are stuck with part time or low paying jobs when their qualifications dictate they should be earning much more.

    Foreign policy is a huge mess. Obama has done next to nothing right here. Huge swaths of the middle east is under the control of the most radicalized, extreme terrorists the world has ever known. All of the work, blood, sweat, tears, limbs and lives spent securing a better future for citizens of the Middle East has been wiped out in a matter of months. The democratically elected leaders of Iraq now have an invading army 25 miles from the capital.

    Russia and China now bully around the US and Obama just takes it.

    Obama is firing over 100,000 active duty soldiers which hurts military readiness. On top of this, he is pushing an initiative to recruit 5,000 illegal immigrants per month to fill the ranks. This is dropping the collective education and moral levels of the armed forces.

    I could literally fill up entire pages with the mess that democrats and Obama have made over the last 6 years.

    • Ronald Tuzo

      ‘”Are we surprised?” No, we are not. You are obviously very young and you don’t know American history. You are not qualified to speak on racial tensions. Racial tensions have been here in the US for over 200 years. Like waves they come in strong and recess. Is PRESIDENT Obama white or black or both? What he looks like to be voted in as president would have never happened 50 years ago. Things are changing.

      “A record number of people are living below their means.” So how will they get above? Maybe by the Mitt Romneys sending jobs over to India and China. Maybe the car company GM that was in danger of bankruptcy later showing profits. President Obama bailed them out. Maybe you have a memory problem. You forgot the world economic crisis. All that’s quieted down now. Many countries on the brink of financial collapse. You forgot about that right. I bet you have a very good job. You have benefits. You’re not suffering economically. About your $450/month health bill shows you have insurance. Millions did not have insurance. Now they have. You sound to be extremely selfish.

      “Millions of people are stuck with part time or low paying jobs…” Again, how are they to get increases? Your good old boys could have left the companies they managed in tact and set up in India and China also. No, it’s about making maximum money regardless of what happens here. Just put 100’s of thousands out of work to send the jobs over seas, no creativity. This is legally acceptable but morally not acceptable to the many 100’s of thousands who lost homes and have struggled because their jobs went away. Take the jobs away from here and you have no spending here. Small businesses suffer. The economy suffers.

      “Foreign policy is a huge mess.” When did that war start? It was on the Republican watch. The area was stable until President Bush declared war. President Obama’s actions are to end the war and stop losing Americans to a war that should have never happened. Under your republican presidents, both President Bushes, the economy tanked. Under the first President Bush many savings and loan companies went out of business. Many lost their homes. That president created the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA). It was instituted in order to control the financial disaster that happened under his watch. After this, President Clinton gave us probably the greatest financial recovery in the history of the US. Under the second President Bush we had another financial crisis and not just a financial crisis, a world financial crisis.

      I’m giving up at this point. I’m sure people with your mind set will not change to re-examine your thoughts. I’m giving up on believing America will think this through and not to listen and believe what ever sounds good.

      I’ll be praying for whom ever is in office. God is greater than any government official.

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