16-year-old girl arrested in the death of another teen on Long Island

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Jasmine Copeland was charged with 1st degree manslaughter and 2nd degree assault.

Jasmine Copeland was charged with 1st degree manslaughter and 2nd degree assault. (D/Sgt Skopek/Homicide)

FREEPORT, Long Island (PIX11) — A 16-year-old girl was arrested after a verbal altercation with a 17-year-old turned deadly Saturday evening, authorities said.

Jasmine Copeland, 16, was allegedly arguing with three girls — ages 9, 16 and 17 — in front of her Freeport home at 8:10 p.m. The verbal argument quickly turned physical when Copeland allegedly stabbed the 16-year-old in the chest, authorities said.

She then allegedly stabbed the 17-year-old, later identified as Abigail Thomas, in the lower back, causing a severe laceration. The 9-year-old was left unharmed and later released to a guardian.

The teenage girls were rushed to the hospital where Thomas was pronounced dead. The 16-year-old victim was treated and later released.

Copeland faces charges of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault. She was arraigned in First District Court in Hempstead Sunday.


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  • jen

    It’s sounds like it was self defense. 3 girls were arguing with this girl in front of her own residence and one of them stabbed her! She stabbed back. Self defence.

  • Amber

    Who cares what the argument was about? This is so tragic. Not only one person lost their life here. My heart goes out to all involved. Look at what this world is coming to. These were babies involved. What are people teaching their children that makes them think violence is the answer? Prayers to the families. This must be a difficult time for them.

  • Pat Dyson

    I personally know this young lady….she is smart, from a good home and lives in an affluent part of LI. Read again, she was in front of her OWN HOME. They tried to jump her with knives …..she took the knife from them and used it.

    • Kai

      I read the article.Where does it say that they tried to stab her and she took the knife from them and stabbed them? Am I missing something? I get that she was in front of her home, and that her and the girls had an argument why didn’t she go in her home and call the police? It says that she took out a knife and stabbed 2 of the girls..I’m really sad to read this! A life lost and a life changed forever! Tragic!

    • Lisa

      Since you must have been there (a witness) to claim this.…you better inform the police or shut up! (clueless!)

  • citybytheseadee

    since when is Freeport an ‘affluent’ area of Long Island??? seriously? it is not, unless you own a home on the canals, it has gangs and some of it is pretty scary……and no where does the article say they jumped her or if they had the knives. Maybe we are missing the full article here, but she was on her porch in front of her home and they had an argument and she stabbed two of them. one of them is now dead.

    • Jim lawly

      Relax freeport is fullof good down to earth people, from white to black, it depends on the area in which you lurk into, that would be past mainstreet going to merrick, but from mainstreet to baldwin is beautiful, looks like Levittown or in that nature, and the southside is full of genuine white,black, and all other people. Gangs are limited

  • Michael

    I hope that prison barber sharpens up his shears to get rid of that mop on her head. Utterly atrocious.

    @Pat Dyson: Freeport is not even close to affluent!

  • CJ

    I think it clearly improper for anyone to assume what actually happened since no one was actually there and Freeport is no longer an affluent part of LI it is inundated with gangs, clearly you don’t go to anyone’s home arguing threatening or bringing this level of ignorance as you don’t know what is going to happen parents need to be more diligent in their childrens lives and do more with them stop being so self centered and focus on their kids instead of themselves she was new in this community and why is a nine yr old running around with teenagers where are her parents there has to be more to this story than told. Children cannot raise themselves they need proper guidance but when you have a bunch of ignorant bitches who are incapable of raising decent children laying around breeding them and they themselves have not accepted their own ignorance and a society that allows this level of ignorance to develop and fester this is and will always be the result young spoiled child taught the world is her oyster until the shell cracked teach your children young and you may avoid the nightmare later .

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