PIX11 uncovers spooky evidence of hauntings at White Hill Mansion

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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) – Halloween is a day when some believe the dead walk among the living.

But for ghost hunters, that’s true every night.

PIX11 joined a group of paranormal investigators out to uncover secrets behind the spooky happening at a 300-year-old mansion in New Jersey.

“White Hill is interesting because it has layer upon layer of history,” said Bonnie Bates, with Garden State Ghost Hunters.

She led a team investigating the suspected haunting at the White Hills Mansion.

The ghost hunters use equipment they say is designed to capture the sights and sounds of the dead.

“Is there anybody here that wants to talk to us?” Bates called out to a darkened room.

She immediately sensed the presence of a ghost nicknamed Dolly, a woman who was married here and who people have reported seeing in her bridal gown – long after she died.

Bates tried to engage Dolly by talking to her.

“Do you want to give any indication that you’re with us Dolly?” she said. “I understand you got married here.”

The meter flashes, the lights suggesting there is a presence among the group.

During our conversation, one of the team members reported feeling a touch on his ring finger. So, hoping to get more reaction form Dolly, Bates walked over to the fireplace where the deceased bride posed for pictures.

When Bates asked if “something or someone” was keeping the spirit in the mansion, she received a response. But soon after, Dolly stopped responding, so we moved upstairs to a room where kids were used to play.

That’s when the sensors captured, after footsteps, a voice whispering: “Come over here.”

The group moved down to the basement, a creepy spot in any normal house.

“There’re two of you down here isn’t there?” Bates asked.

“Catherine, is that who’s here with me?” she continued.

“Yes,” came a voice from the machine.

While Bates asked questions, no one in the group spoke, not even a whisper.

Our recording captured a distinct response: the answer, “yes,” and again after another question.

“Do you feel stuck? Do you want to leave?” Bates asked.


“Do you want our help?” Bates continued.


Bates invited Catherine to hug one of us. She asked if I felt anything. I was cold.

And that was enough for me: a skeptic at first, and now a believer.

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