Cardinal Dolan: Archdiocese of NY to merge several parishes

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NEW YORK (PIX11)-- Cardinal Timothy Dolan warns that up to 50 churches, 14 percent of the Archdiocese of New York's parishes could be affected.

The Archdiocese of New York are telling pastors or administrators of these churches set to close.

Then the bad news will be given to parishioners at each church as early as this week.

This restructuring plan is just coming to light, but it's been in the works for the last five years.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote late in his column on warned this latest round of closures will be specifically painful.

The hardest hit area--the Lower Hudson Valley.

Many churches there will most likely merge or close.

Dolan says he would rather see parishes that are thriving expanded and admits that modern financial realities are forcing these closures and mergers.

"We simply have too many parishes, in areas that used to have huge Catholic numbers, where most of the people have since moved away," Dolan said. " On Manhattan alone, for instance, we have 88 parishes, some only blocks apart."

"Do the math: we have about 25 percent of our parishes in an area where less than 12 percent of the 2.8 million Catholics of the archdiocese reside," Dolan said. "What we're talking about is realism. Families do it, our schools have done it, corporations do it-- now our parishes must do it.."


  • Joe

    When did using proper English go out the window, especially for an organization like yourself whose whole business is words and language and communication?! “The Archdiocese” is singular not plural so the second sentence should read “The Archdiocese of New York IS telling…”, not “are telling”. Just awful on your part.

  • Joan

    “Do the math” is a supercilious way of covering up something. I can do math. So what if 25% of parishes are only 12% of all New York’s millions of Catholics? That could change in a generation. Or with the election of a new pope. Can’t Catholics temporarily carry the burden for their fellow Catholics to save all involved “pain”? Why does Dolan constantly make the comparison to “a corporation”? May as well use the pope’s favorite, an “NGO.” It is neither. To sell a few ugly buildings and consolidate where possible is good. To deliberately, in a high-handed fashion, with decisions by Committees that are independent businesses out of touch with regular Catholics, that is almost monarchical.

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