’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man’: Funny or Die takes on harassment video

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – If a a woman was harassed, followed and catcalled more than 100 times while walking around New York City in a video that has gone viral, what would happen to a young white man?  Funny or Die hit the streets to find out in this spoof video.  Although humorous, the piece ends with a powerful message about today’s society.


Cat Call City: Why do people do it?

Woman in viral New York City catcall video receives rape threats

VIDEO: What it’s like to be endlessly catcalled as a woman in NYC



  • Elise

    Lamest parody I have ever seen. And I say that as a woman. The “point” being made, comparing catcalling to “male privilege,” is ridiculous. Apples and oranges.
    It’s bad enough that someone created a video asking for donations to a non-profit dedicated to ending catcalling. Talk about the absolute pinnacle of first-world problems. I realize that for those of my gender blessed with “dangerous curves,” the catcalling issue can be annoying and troublesome. But seriously. THIS is the biggest issue facing our times?.
    Now you create a “parody” of this very parody-worthy video that doesn’t merely reinforce the message in the first video (maybe you don’t understand what “parody” means) but takes aim at “the Patriarchy” and “Male Privilege” as a whole.
    As a WOMAN, my eyes just rolled so hard into my head that I can’t see what I’m typing.
    As a woman, thanks for the ridiculous patronization.

    • Elise

      Sorry, I didn’t intend to take aim at the person/party sharing the video on this particular website. My comments were actually aimed at Funny or Die and the people involved in making the video, which I realize probably will never read the comment… lol. Venting under the influence of sleep deprivation and caffeine deficiency is apparently a bad idea. :)

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