Woman spends 7 years wearing corsets to get 16-inch waist

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — This woman has spent 7 years getting her waist down to 16 inches.

Kelly Lee Dekay, 27, is a designer, model, LGBTQ activist, latex fetishist and most noticeably, a tight lacer.

Also referred to as corset or waist training, the main purpose of the practice is to modify figure and posture of the wearer.

However, Dekay says she’s worn corsets for seven years because of the artistry and discipline the practice requires.

“I’m coming from the perspective of a fetishist,” she told BuzzFeed News.”I fell in love with the brocade, the zipping sound the laces made as it got tighter and the overall beauty of a corset …There’s something very romantic about it.”

She lists Jessica Rabbit and artist John Willie as inspirations for her ultimate achievement of a 16 in. waist.

While Dekay did not consult a doctor when she started tight lacing, she has recently been seeing one regularly, who says she is in perfect health.

Dekay also identifies as a “glamour activist” who wants women to stop fighting over the different ideas of femininity and feminism.

“Telling someone to conform to your idea of feminism is still oppression,” she explained to Cosmo. “People have this sense of entitlement over a woman’s body. I reject that entitlement and choose to do the things that make me happy. That’s feminist. My body, my choice.”


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