Woman in viral New York City catcall video receives rape threats

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) -- The woman who appeared in a viral video about street harassment is receiving threats, the organization behind the video told PIX11 News.

The viral video shows Actress Shoshana Roberts walking silently through different New York City neighborhoods for 10 hours as a hidden camera recorded the more than 100 catcalls she received. The PSA, which was produced by Hollaback! -- a organization dedicated to ending street harassment -- has since been viewed more an 8 million times on Youtube.

But now the actress claims she is receiving rape threats for her appearance in the video. The organization's office also received approximately 10 threatening phone calls, Executive Director Emily May told the New York Daily News.

“Unfortunately, the behavior that we see on the streets, we also see online,” May told the Daily News. “We were horrified by what we were seeing but we weren’t shocked. It’s part of the culture. It’s part of something we’re looking to change the root cause of so people aren’t harassing on the streets and on the Internet.”

Several Youtube users commented on the video to defend the men who made catcalls.

"You dumb b****h half those compliments 'COMPLIMENTS' where just telling you god bless you and to have a good day and didn't bother you any further then that except for the occasional hecklers following you [all sic]," one person wrote.

"Wait, so a pretty woman got compliments while walking down the street (less then 2 minutes worth no less) and you call THAT harassment?" another person wrote.

Roberts has since filed a police report regarding the harassment, the organization's executive director told PIX11 News.

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