This cab driver’s story about meeting Tom Hanks will make your day

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – He almost didn’t pick up the man with his cap pulled low, but a New York City cab driver decided to take one more fare — and fate rewarded him with an incredible story about meeting Tom Hanks.

Still unsure who the man trying to get to 74th Street was, the cabbie, Manny Anzalota remembered, “He gets in the car all excited, all animated, and he’s talking about all these things.”

Anzalota said he started to realize who was in the backseat because of his voice, “and when we get to the light, I turn to him, and I look him in the eye, and I scream: “WIIIIIIIIIIILLLLSSSSSSOOOOOOOOON!!!” and that really got him.  He started laughing hard.”

Anzalota’s amazing story surfaced after he recounted his chance meeting to Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York.

“He sees that I’ve got this Ferrari hat on, and a Ferrari shirt too, so he starts calling me Mr. Ferrari.”  Too good to keep to himself, he told the story to the people he picked up and some of them happened to have worked with Hanks and knew him personally.

He would always ask them to tell Hanks that “Mr. Ferrari says ‘Hello.'”

Then one day the story got even better.

His phone vibrated and he had a text from one of his customers — it read, “Mr. Hanks wants to invite you to see a Broadway show.”

“So I bring my lady to the show, and we get to go backstage and everything, and after the show, we’re waiting for him in his dressing room, and he walks in and screams: “Mr. Ferrari!” the cabbie said.  “And you wanna know the craziest thing?  The name of his show was Lucky Guy. How crazy is that? Cause that was me.  A lucky guy!”

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