PHOTOS: Mom dresses son in costumes every day of October until Halloween

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) — A mom is dressing up her 4-month-old son in costumes every day in October until Halloween.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Noah is my favorite thing ever,” Jessica Chavkin wrote on her Tumblr account. “We are celebrating by counting down with a new costume every day until the big day. I hope that you are amused.”

“Noah’s Halloween Countdown” started on October 1st and has since gained quite a following on social media. The idea for the countdown started when Chavkin could not decide what Noah should be for his first Halloween.

“I couldn’t decide,” Chavkin told PIX11 News. “As the list got longer and longer, I realized I didn’t have to decide. Noah could be anything and we could count our way down to Halloween in style.”

The creative mom, who does not have a background in art or photography, says the costumes are a combination of items in Noah’s closet and things she makes herself.

“Noah’s scuba diver outfit was made from his skeleton pajamas (from Day 1) turned inside out and I made him a scuba tank from a seltzer bottle wrapped in duct tape and decorative tape and the octopus is one of Noah’s favorite toys,” Chavkin said.

Photos of baby Noah can be found on Chavkin’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts. Over the past few weeks, Noah dressed as Harry Potter, the Monopoly Man and a lobster, among other things.

Chavkin plans to throw a big Halloween party for Noah and his baby friends Friday.