New York’s subway is the safest for women compared to other cities: survey

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(PIX11) — New York has the safest transportation system for women compared to other cities around the world, a survey found.

The survey, conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation in collaboration with YouGov, looked at 15 of the world’s largest capitals and New York, which is the most populous city in the United States.

The results were based off of online surveys taken between 380 and 513 women in each city. A minimum of 10 experts from each location were also polled. In total, 6,555 women and experts were surveyed. The survey addressed safety at night, verbal harassment, physical harassment, public response to abuse and women only carriages.

Of the 16 cities, Bogota, Colombia was named the least safe with the most women disagreeing with the statement “Safe public transport is available where I live.” The survey also showed that women do not feel safe traveling alone at night in Bogota. Following Bogota for most dangerous capital were Mexico City, Lima and Delhi.

In contrast, New York was ranked as the most safe city. Crain’s reports crime in New York dropped 75% in the past 25 years. Even so, three out of 10 women surveyed said they suffered from verbal or physical harassment during their commute.

The survey results come one day after a video of a woman being catcalled in New York City went viral. Actress Shoshanna Roberts walked silently through different neighborhoods for 10 hours as a hidden camera recorded men verbally harassing her.

The video was produced by Hollaback!, an organization dedicated to ending street harassment.