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THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO BULLYING: Aija Mayrock -- writer, actress and filmmaker -- knows what it's like to be bullied. Aija faced severe bullying in middle school and for part of high school. But Aija was able to take her experiences and thrive. In her last two years of high school, Aija began writing a book called The Survival Guide to Bullying – due to be out in September 2014. The Survival Guide to Bullying is an ebook and life saving device written by a kid for a kid. It helps middle school and high school kids deal with bullying whether it's inside or outside of school. This guide provides useful, go-to information that can be used at any point of distress, loneliness, or frustration. It has also been written in collaboration with a psychologist, a teacher, and a parent for all perspectives.

THE BULLY PROJECT: The BULLY Project is the social action campaign inspired by the award-winning film BULLY. They've sparked a national movement to stop bullying, transform kids’ lives and change a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.

Their 10 Million Kids initiative has brought the film BULLY to young people and educators around the country along with a curriculum and training from our partner, Facing History and Ourselves. To date, the campaign has facilitated  screenings for over 250,000 students and 7,500 educators across 120+ cities. Now that the film is available on DVD, we’ve created an Educators DVD Activation Toolkit. The kit includes many materials designed to ignite honest, meaningful dialogue.  Partners who contributed to the kit include Facing History and Ourselves, The Harvard Graduate School of Education, Not In Our School, Love is Louder, the National Center for Learning Disabilities and Common Sense Media. Roll up your sleeves and join the movement!  Everything starts with one and builds up.

There Bully Project has an Educators Kit, and most of the resources in the kit are available FREE for download from their website.

THE FARLEY PROJECTThe Farley Project assemblies show a 360 perspective of bullying through the eyes of bullied victims, former bullies and the parents of bullied victims. Elissa travels speaks at all of the schools, sharing her personal story and we also bring our amazing Farley Project Ambassadors – people who all have personal experiences with and have had their lives altered by bullying. We bring in former bullies, parents of students who have been bullied, etc. We end our assemblies with an open dialog with the students. We also leave the students with an option to Choose Kindness!

The Farley Project Curriculum is a 7-week course in getting kids connected to themselves and with one another. We do this through a series of weekly exercises and homework. Our Farley Project Ambassadors conduct hour long weekly meetings with small groups of students (between 10-20 chosen by the school). The students have weekly homework assignments and are encouraged to journal during the process.


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  • venus

    My daughter was bullied to the point that she wore an air cast to school and they still claim they saw no evidence of her being bullied got to love the school system

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