Passengers stand up for man being bullied for pink shirt at Dallas airport

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DALLAS, TX (PIX11)–  They could have walked away, but a group of passengers stood up for a man being bullied at Fort Worth Airport in Dallas.

A man wearing a pink shirt received a verbal tirade from another passenger, seemingly under the influence, while waiting to board a plane Oct. 23.

It was all caught on camera and posted to YouTube in a video that has since been taken down.

The disgruntled individual hurled homophobic slurs at him and decides only a fight could resolve the situation.

An onlooker wearing a black hat steps to diffuse in the fight.

The guy then kicks the pink-shirt wearer in the groin and then punches him.

Amid the chaos, four other travelers tackle the brawler and pin him down until police officers respond to arrest the aggressor.

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