Jim Carrey’s SNL spoof of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial is pure brilliance

Posted: 11:41 AM, Oct 27, 2014
Updated: 2014-10-27 12:56:41-04

(PIX11) – Maybe you haven’t watched Saturday Night Live for a little while, but chances are you have seen the commercial featuring “True Detective” star Matthew McConaughey driving around in a Lincoln MKC talking about “going back.”

Jim Carrey nailed the commercial in three parts — one even including the “All State Guy, ” played by Kenan Thompson.  Carrey reminded the television world why he’s one of the best sketch comedians ever with the hilarious spoof, perfectly mimicking McConaughey’s suave, Southern drawl while inexplicably rolling his thumb and forefinger — “This booger . . . feels good, like a tiny little tennis ball.”

It’s easily one of the best skits Saturday Night Live has done in a good while:


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