Man attacks own mother after she asks for help with groceries

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (PIX11) — A man in Memphis is facing domestic assault charges for attacking his mother because she asked him for help bringing groceries inside from the car, the family said.

Harold Jackson’s mother, Kathy Edge, and wife, Shelly Jackson, told their story to WREG in hopes to help other women find the strength to cut violence out of their lives. The women said that this isn’t his first stint in jail, but it’s the last time they’ll let him hurt them.

“We are going to take care of each other, and do what we have to do to get through it,” Edge told WREG.

Describing Harold as an alcoholic, he mother said when she arrived home on Thursday night he grabbed in the doorway and slammed her back against the wall.

“I ought to just take you out and hit you right now,” Harold said to his mother, who added that he’s a “different person” when he drinks.

When Shelly Jackson heard the screams, she called 911.

“The fact is, I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t,” she told WREG. “It’s what I had to do.”

Shelly Jackson and Kathy Edge vowed not to put up with Harold Jackson's abuse and alcoholism after the attack. (Photo: KREG)

Shelly Jackson and Kathy Edge vowed not to put up with Harold Jackson’s abuse and alcoholism after the attack. (Photo: KREG)

Shelly said the pain and abuse from her husband caused her to lose her job and eventually their home.

“I’m finished losing because of somebody else’s actions,” she said, adding that something about that particular night “just clicked.” She realized that she needed to speak out about the problem that so few people in her life even knew exists.

“There is five percent of your relationship that is great and meaningful. There is 95 percent that is chaos. People like me live in the five percent and refuse to see the 95 percent,” she said.

When police arrived to the home, an officer found Harold hiding in the backyard.

The Jacksons have an 8-year-old daughter together. Harold is being held on $2,500 bail. His family hopes that his latest trip to jail will inspire him to finally get the help he needs.

“If he is able to make bond while he is already on probation, for all these things going on, our system is failing so many people, ” Edge told WREG.



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