9-month-old dies after father’s gun goes off by accident

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INDIANAPOLIS (PIX11) — A 9-month-old baby in Indiana died Thursday after he was shot in the head by accident, WXIN reported.

John Hambaugh III, 31, was cleaning his loaded handgun on Wednesday when it went off. The bullet went through his left thigh and hit the Jacob Hambaugh in the head, who was standing next to him, officials said.

Jacob Hambaugh died Thursday after he was accidentally shot in the head as his father cleaned his handgun.. (Photo: WXIN)

Jacob Hambaugh died Thursday after he was accidentally shot in the head as his father cleaned his handgun.. (Photo: WXIN)

Father and son were transported to a nearby hospital. John Hambaugh was treated and released, but Jacob Hambaugh remained on life support until Thursday around 7:45 p.m.

“The basic premise of all firearm safety is that you do not handle or manipulate a firearm around other people or in any kind of manner that would cause danger to other people without first being certain that there is not a loaded round in the weapons chamber,” Sheriff Steven Rogers said.

Police said the shooting was accidental. The case remain under investigation.


  • tom loser

    Why would you clean a LOADED gun? Clear it first maybe? This is why their shoud be a common sense test before being allowed to purchase one.

  • Michelle Endreson

    He really needs to be brought up on charges. Child endangerment as the gun should have Never Ever had bullets in it when around other people. He really needs to pay the consequences and go to jail. I lost my 11 yr old nephew recently because of people’s carelessness with a gun. The laws really need to change when it comes to a firearm. I know it wasn’t on purpose but u never ever ever point a gun or have a gun around anyone that. Is loaded unless u plan to harm that person . You always check the gun to make sure it’s not loaded, the called being responsible!! You can’t be responsible w a gun then don’t have one.

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