Obama offers federal help to NY with Ebola case

Posted at 12:57 AM, Oct 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-24 06:33:38-04

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is offering federal support to New York as it responds to its first Ebola case.
Obama spoke Thursday night to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The White House says some officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were already on the ground, with another team expected to have arrived late Thursday.

Obama is asking Cuomo and de Blasio to stay in close touch with Ron Klain, Obama’s “Ebola czar,” and public health officials in Washington. He’s pledging more help if needed to ensure proper care for the patient and safety for health workers and the public.

A doctor who treated Ebola patients in West Africa tested positive Thursday. He’s the fourth Ebola case diagnosed in the U.S.