Undercover cop suspended after kicking colleague in the head

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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- While two NYPD officers struggled to arrest a fare beater in Coney Island, an undercover cop was caught on camera mistakenly kicking his colleague in the head.

The video recorded by professional photographer Rod Risbrook shows the struggle at Stillwell Ave. station some time in January.

Risbrook told DNA Info the suspect "was having a discussion with one of the police ... The next thing I know reinforcements were called in and plainclothes men came out of nowhere."

At first, the video shows 2 cops struggling with the fare beating suspect, trying to pin him to the ground to handcuff him.

Then, a plain-clothes cop runs in the emergency door with several other officers  to help.

The undercover cop immediately kicks the back of an officer's head, seemingly unprovoked.

"He kicked a cop!” a female eyewitness can be heard saying in the video.

It appears the cop realized his mistake, rubbed the head of the officer he kicked. Moments later, he appears to punch the actual suspect in the face.

The plainclothes cop was from the 60th precinct. His identity has not released, but he has been stripped of his gun and badge and has been placed on modified duty.

The case is being investigated by the NYPD internal Affairs Bureau, as well by Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson.

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  • Michael

    Way to go, another cop showing his thug side. Power abuse at its finest. I would love to kick him in the back of the head and then take a baseball bat to his face. No reason behind punching the suspect in the face as he is already subdued on the ground.

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