Surveillance video contradicts NYPD’s account of Bronx man’s arrest

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BRONX (PIX11) -- The attorney for 21 year old Raymond Romero of the Bronx hopes surveillance video will exonerate his client after an April 1 arrest.

"If we didn’t have the video we’d be in a very different predicament, because it would be his word, against the police," said attorney Alexander Sanchez.

Romero was stopped on East 163rd Street outside of a barber shop. In a criminal complaint, the arresting officer said Romero refused to take his hands out of his pockets.

However the video obtained from the surveillance camera of a nearby shop appears to show Romero never had his hands in his pockets. Officers appear to use force in detaining Romero. Romero was charged with resisting arrest sustained several bruises and a broken finger.

Police Commissioner William Bratton addressed the tape today, saying "We are going to have,  routinely, he said she said allegations being made by attorneys for defendants. The matters are under investigation."

Both the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

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