VIDEO: San Francisco tour guide goes on offensive rant while in Chinatown

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The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (PIX11) — A San Francisco tour guide was caught on camera giving a offensive rant through Chinatown.

“When you come to America you gotta assimilate a little bit and here in America, we don’t eat turtles and frogs, okay,” the guide says in a microphone on the tour bus. “They gotta bring that here to America. There’s a limit.”

“F–k your little hair salons where nobody in there knows how to f–king speak English. F–k this bulls–t,” she says. The woman goes on to curse about dragons and jade, among other things, in the almost 3-minute video.

At one point, passengers on the double decker bus applaud the woman, but it is unclear how many of them even understood what she was saying.

The tour guide laughs after passengers clap for her and reassures them that she is not racist. She eventually goes on to promote the Chinatown in her hometown of Los Angeles, which is “way cleaner, way better restaurants, not as many people.”

It is unclear what company the woman was working for, but the person who posted the video on Youtube said it was her last day working.

“We’re all incredibly saddened and disappointed that in 2014 someone would utter these stereotypical and racist comments,” David Chiu, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, told CBS San Fransisco.

The video, which was published Tuesday, has since been viewed more than 190,000 times.

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