Gender reveal party takes unexpected turn that stuns, delights family [VIDEO]

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CANONBURG, Pa. (PIX11) – Waiting underneath the frosting of the expecting couple’s cake was the color that would tell them whether a baby girl or boy was on the way — except this Pennsylvania pair had another surprise awaiting them.

Natalie and Ben Bell, of Canonsburg, were surrounded by their close relatives in the kitchen when the first piece of the cake was cut — blue underneath the frosting would mean a boy, pink a girl.

After Natalie got an ultrasound done, the Bells asked a local bakery to open the results and bake the cake according to the gender.  The bakery returned the letter to the couple (they didn’t look at it), who also had the other (sealed) envelope.

“It’s a girl!” announced Ben excitedly as he got the first glimpse of the slice of cake.

Cheers and congratulations were in order, but amid the handshakes and hugs there lay another surprise — the results of the ultrasound inside those two envelopes.

Both envelopes from the doctor’s office said the couple were going to have a baby boy.

“Pure confusion,” Natalie Bell said later.  “Everyone was in shock that this happened, lots of pictures were taken in that moment.  No one could believe it!”

As the family members got over their shock and adjusted to the happy — but different — news, they realized that the bakery had blown it.

“I keep explaining it as an out of body experience. The video is truly the only way I can see what actually happened because I think I was in shock!” Natalie told Fox 8 News. “This is the stuff you joke about with people … I didn’t think it ever actually happened to anyone!  My body language in the video says it all.”

Ben and Natalie Bell are now expecting the baby boy who everyone thought was a girl in March.


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