UFC champ Chris Weidman saves 94-year-old neighbor who fell and hit her head

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Weidman staunched his neighbor's bleeding, then summoned an ambulance to her home. (Photo: Getty Images)

Weidman staunched his neighbor’s bleeding, then summoned an ambulance to her home. (Photo: Getty Images)

DIX HILLS, N.Y. (PIX11) — UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is being lauded a hero after saving his 94-year-old neighbor who had fallen and badly injured her head.

Anna Croenlein was eating breakfast October 16 when she fell off her chair and hit her head on a glass table, the Daily News reports.

“There was so much blood I didn’t think I had blood anymore,” she told the News.

Croenlein was unable to dial her daughter, who had just stepped out, so she decided to walk out of her garage and scream for help in her driveway.

Weidman, who lives a few homes down, was cleaning his car when he heard the woman’s screams.

He drove over to Croenlein’s home, and found her covered in blood. “She was holding her neck and there was blood everywhere. It was the worst amount of blood I’ve ever seen,” Weidman said.

“She said, ‘I just wanted to live one more year’. I said, ‘You are not dying today. This is not your day to die.'”

After staunching the bleeding, Weidman called a cop friend, who got an ambulance to Croenlein’s home.

Weidman stayed behind, and cleaned up the woman’s blood from the driveway.

Croenlein suffered a concussion and needed 9 staples to close the wound. Despite the trauma, she says she feels fine.

“I want to thank him because he saved my life,” Croenlein told the paper. “He is really a champion. Believe me.”