Subway performers rally to support arrested musician

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NEW YORK (PIX11)--The Tuesday evening commute at the Metropolitan Station in Brooklyn was filled with music and song.
Subway performers, buskers, and supporters gathered on the mezzanine of the station to make a stand after a guitarist was arrested over the weekend. Andrew Kelleen was arrested and charged with loitering. Video of the arrest shows the guitar player explaining the rules to the police officer who says he needs to leave the area.
The NYPD is reviewing the tape. Performers hope to meet with police and the MTA to review the rules.
MTA rules allow artistic performances on the platform and in the station. Performers cannot block access to trains.

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  • JACK

    Seems to me that the NYPD has nothing better to do than bother musicians who play in the subway. They can’t seem to stop real criminals in the subway or anywhere else in NYC. I beleive that the arrest has been voided. I have seen this guy before and he is not bad. Now you know why I sometimes don’t care when a cop gets killed.

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