NJ woman takes on boxer in rent fight

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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — Glen Tapia is pretty good fighter. The 154-pounder from Passaic has a record of 20-1 as he tries to rise through the ranks of his weight division.

Now he’s taken on a battle with a petite woman named Ferdous Salam. Ferdous owns an apartment in Passaic. Last October she rented it to Tapia on a one year lease.

“He was very excited about moving in,” Ferdous told me. “And for the first four months he was paying me on time. But he never actually moved in.”

Instead, Tapia lost for the first time in a bruising battle at Madison Square Garden against another contender, James Kirkland. He decided to rededicate himself by heading out west to work with the guy widely considered boxing’s top trainer, Freddie Roach.

He called Ferdous to say he had to give up his apartment. She needed a new tenant and Glen eventually suggested a friend of his, a guy named Ojuku.

“I said are you sure this guy will pay me on time? Oh yes, 100%. Yes, was his answer. He vouched for him completely. He’s a great guy.”

But after a few months Ojuku stopped paying rent. Ferdous says she got a formal eviction order. But she wants to be paid for her lost rent and expenses and says technically it’s Glen’s responsibility because he’s still on the lease.

She says Glen and his manager stopped returning calls. So she came to me.

I paid a visit to the office of Glen Tapia’s manager, Pat Lynch. Lynch is well-known in the boxing world. He was the manager of popular world champion Arturo Gatti.

Pat wasn’t there, nor was Pat’s brother, attorney John Lynch.

John eventually called and said this was a legal matter between Glen and Ferdous. So I tried Glen, but he never called back.

At the time, he had a big comeback fight scheduled at Madison Square Garden. So we let things slide for a while.

Then, earlier this month, Glen got back on track with a knockout win in Atlantic City. So we tried contacting his manager again. Pat Lynch called back and left a message, but it wasn’t what we hoped to hear:

“You know, Glen had a different side of the story from what my brother had mentioned to me. I really don’t know the scope of the whole story but I think it should be played out in front of a judge.”

So, there we are. Sometimes, there’s just no helping some people.

Ferdous knows Glen isn’t rich. She was even willing to let him pay her in installments. But now she’s filed a lawsuit against him. It could wind up costing him more than if he’d just worked with us to resolve this.

Plus, it’s unneeded negative publicity. Aside from this matter, he’s been one of boxing’s good guys.

We’ll see who wins the legal fight.