Woman robbed and beaten by 3 men in Brooklyn speaks out after vicious attack

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- The young woman beaten and robbed by 3 men in Crown Heights is speaking out after the vicious attack.

The 21-year-old fears for her life after she was assaulted for her purse on Franklin Avenue earlier this month.

The men punched her in the face so hard, they broke her nose.

The aspiring model, who is just 5'5" and 95 pounds, said she fought back against her attackers. "I tried to...I'm very little, there's only so much i can do," she told PIX11.

Police have clear surveillance video of the suspects, but are asking the community to stay vigilant.

"You're cowards," community advocate Tony Herbert said. "If you know who these guys are, point them out!"

When asked what she would say to her attackers, the victim said she would ask them, "Why? 'Cause I don't understand the reason behind it."




  • geoff

    these 3 suspects need to be thrown in jail for life no parole better yet execute them and no trial.they did it plain and simple. Let this be a lesson to the other animals thinking of doing the same thing.

  • Kamala jenkins

    You see Leeberals. They are pure savages, and lowlife slugs. They should be concentrating more on the pharmaceutical trade than robbing the Leeberals. The Crooklyn DA’s office is conducting a reach out to the culprits to forewarn about the inevitable arrest.

  • thomas

    Where is the out rage? Where are the protesters? Why is are the streets not burning? wWere is the mayor? Where is the police? Whites don’t gave a s%^&. A mugging is a mugging black or white. You would not know that by the reaction by blacks when a white person hurt’s a black person. The city would burn. Black’s should learn by this. Cry wolf, cry wolf,cry wolf. Before you know it whits are the wolf.

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