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Original ‘Flash’ John Wesley Shipp stars in new CW show as dad of superhero

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NEW YORK (PIX11)-- John Wesley Shipp, stars on the hit CW show 'The Flash' as the dad, back in 90's he starred in his own series as the Flash.

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  • Jenny Raisler (@JenCat004)

    Met him at SDCC 2014, he was so Frakkin nice, I watched The Flash ( a show I would have NEVER watched otherwise) because of it.. Am now a HUGE fan of show. It really *IS* fun! :)
    Message? BE NICE TO FANS. You NEVER know who is gonna be there for ya, tweeting and telling others to watch your show.
    John Wesley Shipp is a serious 55-gallon barrel of AWESOME-Sauce. Thanks for having your inherent decency lead me to a GREAT show I would have otherwise ignored!
    But SERIOUSLY? Can we have SOME meta-humans who aren’t psychos?
    Can’t wait for new eps! Only thing I want more is new eps of Almost Human! :)

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