Sayreville football coaches suspended following hazing scandal

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PARLIN, N.J. (PIX11) -- Football coaches at Sayreville War Memorial High School have been suspended from their teaching and coaching duties following the hazing scandal, reported.

It is unclear exactly when the suspensions started, but the coaches were not present in school Friday. Five tenured teachers are suspended with pay, including head coach George Najjar, but some are substitute teachers as well.

"I think they should be suspended," said parent Renee Bulone. "They shouldn't have been left unsupervised, and none of this would have happened if someone was there."

School district employees who have not been indicted with criminal charges cannot be suspended without pay, according to state law. No adults have been charged in connection with hazing.

Seven Sayreville football players were charged last week for their alleged involvement in the hazing allegations. Three were charged with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, conspiracy to commit aggravated criminal sexual contact, criminal restraint and hazing for engaging in an act of sexual penetration upon one of the juvenile victims.

The school board is expected to hold a vote related to the suspensions on Tuesday, a source told

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  • rhea

    I grew up in the town next to Sayreville, so this story feels a bit personal. I read in a recent media report that the kind of sexual violence that occurred in Sayreville was ‘eerily similar’ to incidents in other parts of the country. There is NOTHING ‘eerie’ about it. Kids (boys in particular) are growing up on a steady diet of porn. They are using porn to the degree that they have absorbed all of its most salient messages: that degradation and humiliation are arousing, and that some people (usually women or those viewed as weaker) are deserving of violence. The scenario the football players enacted — digital penetration followed by what is known in porn as ATM (figure it out) — is straight out of porn. If we really want to solve this problem, we need to get real, open our eyes, and address porn. It doesn’t matter if you are a right winger, a left winger, or something in between. We have to unite and work on this. There is no way around it. A good place to begin is

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