Letterman’s cue-card holder fired over alleged assault on writer

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — A man with one of the best jobs in all of show business kissed goodbye to his coveted gig at the “Late Show with David Letterman” after assaulting a coworker, the New York Post reported.

Tony Mendez, the cue-card guy for the “Late Show” and an on-air favorite, got into a scuffle with Bill Scheft, a 15-time Emmy nominated writer and Harvard graduate. The incident happened before the show’s taping on Oct. 9 over a verbal dispute the day before in Letterman’s dressing room.

“I know I shouldn’t have put my hands on him,” Mendez told The Post. “But this has been coming for a long time.”

The verbal dispute described in The Post is reminiscent of hurt feelings and power trips. When it came time to the actual assault, there was no hitting, but rather Mendez grabbed Scheft by the shirt and threw him against the wall.

After the assault, Mendez was immediately kicked out of the Ed Sullivan Theater, but he wasn’t told that he was “officially terminated” until Monday, The Post wrote. He teamed up with Letterman in 1993 after cue-card stints at “Saturday Night Live” and “The Hollywood Palace” and has been appearing on-air on the “Late Show” since 1997.

Mendez is a celebrity in his own right and hosts a YouTube comedy show called “The Tony Mendez Show,” which features behind-the-scene antics of the “Late Show.”

Read the full New York Post story here.

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