Ben & Jerry’s refuses to rename ‘Hazed & Confused’ flavor

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(PIX11) — Looks like ‘Hazed & Confused’ is here to stay–both the flavor and the name, according the Bloomberg News.

But, the name was the only one causing controversy. Ben & Jerry’s released ‘Hazed & Confused’, a chocolate and hazelnut ice cream as part of its new ‘Cores’ line. The renowned Vermont-based ice cream brand received criticism from anti-hazing activists who complained the moniker was insensitive to hazing victims.

“It didn’t make sense for us to change the name,” spokesman Sean Greenwood told Bloomberg News. “We named it because it’s a pop culture reference.” Greenwood added that the company found nothing in its marketing that “condoned hazing, or even inferred hazing.”

Ben & Jerry's won't change the name 'Hazed & Confused' because it's a pop culture reference and doesn't condone hazing. (Photo: YouTube via

Ben & Jerry’s won’t change the name ‘Hazed & Confused’ because it’s a pop culture reference and doesn’t condone hazing. (Photo: YouTube via

Anyone who is a fan of rockstar Led Zeppelin or the 1993 comedy of the same name knows that the flavor name is a play-on-words of the reference “Dazed and Confused,” but six months after the product hit the market, Florida parents Lianne and Brian Kowiak objected to its name. The couple lost their 19-year-old son in 2008 after he died during hazing rituals at the Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina.

The company received 11 complaints in total, mostly in email form, Greenwood told Bloomberg News. It’s not the first time Ben & Jerry’s has gotten into trouble over the names of their ice cream flavors.

In 2012, Ben & Jerry’s shops in Boston apologized for a handmade flavor called Linsanity that contained fortune cookie pieces, named for basketball star Jeremy Lin, who happens to be Chinese-American. The company also took inspiration from a risque “Saturday Night Live” skit and named a flavor Schweddy Balls. The name was protested by the group One Million Moms.


  • Michael

    Please!! the first thing I thought of WAS “Dazed and Confused”. You have to have a low self esteem and a major “change the world according to you” power trip to ASSUME it is belittling to hazing victims.

  • John Smith

    Whew! Before reading the article, I was afraid that the Mighty Drug Warriors were upset over the allusion to that ebil satanic devil drug marrijuanna. Which, of course, is what the name of the ice cream is SUPPOSED to allude to. Victims of idiotic fraternity acts? Ummm…. no.

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