This is the Ebola message everyone needs to hear

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Fox News’ Shepard Smith took just three minutes to give the facts on Ebola Wednesday.

But he gave more than that.


    • MLW

      Great reporting I hope he has a job next week cause these political giants dont like people telling the truth. I dont wish anyone to get Ebola but 1 Ebola death vs 50000 flu deaths why arent people shouting about that.

  • Nora

    Wow, I guess there are a few people in the news business with three digit IQ’s. Shepard Smith presented a logical, fact based summary. Unfortunately, it will not change the minds of those individuals that thrive on doom, gloom, tragedy, and drama. They look for conspiracies where none exist and ignore facts. The only thing Smith’s presentation did was restate what even the halfway intelligent have been saying right along.

  • winsome

    Bill gates and zuckerberg boy, two faggots, are financing the genocide in Africa; they claim to be ‘helping’ with vaccines.The US holds the patent, it is engineered to attack melanin so white people will be ‘cured’ These evil jews are determined to control all Africa? Get out! You have all the money you need, go live on another planet if you can and leave Africa alone. Destroying melanin will not save you!

  • Ravi Gaikwad

    What Shepard Smith totally ignored is that if we keep our “doors” open to travelers from West Africa, there could be more cases of infected travelers coming into our country. These will overwhelm our current healthcare resources. We have seen that just with 3 cases in the US, it takes many many healthcare providers, doctors etc, isolation units, waste cleanup resources, quarantine teams to treat and track. We don’t have that and will not, especially if a flu pandemic breaks out at the same time. All we ‘hysterical’ people are asking is that the ‘door’ be closed temporarily until the West African countries can contain the epidemic. An AP report also detailed that the countries bordering Liberia, Guinea and Senegal, the mainly affected countries, closed their borders and contained the epidemic within tier countries successfully.

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