Tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere to open in NYC

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) -- It can be pretty much seen from anywhere.

The tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere is located at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan. The building, which stands at 1,396 feet and has 96 floors, often stops people in their tracks.

"I am thinking that is a very tall building," New York Native Peter Fontanes told PIX11. Another New Yorker said living at the top "would be really scary."

The building's height does not frighten everybody. Two weeks ago, two teenagers broke into the construction site. They climbed all 96 flights of stairs and a ladder to access the crane sitting atop the building.

The teens snapped a few breathtaking photos and posted them on Instagram, which landed them in the custody of the NYPD.

PIX11 visited the building where up top, the view speaks for themselves. On a clear day, the Tappan Zee Bridge in Westchester can be seen from the building.

The top penthouse has already been sold for 95 million dollars, while the cheapest is priced for about 7 million. So far, half the building is sold. It is expected to open next year.

The apartment building, which towers over the iconic Chrysler builder, has no doubt changed the skyline. Its height has caused concern to people who think 432 Park Avenue is just too tall.

"Too tall," one woman told PIX11. "We need light in our apartment."

Margaret Newman of the Municipal Art Society says the apartment building had no community involvement or discussion.

Although 432 Park Avenue is a done deal, Newman hopes future buildings will have community input.

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