Police bust pair allegedly trying to steal ATM parts to make credit card skimmers

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(Photo: NYPD)

Hundreds of blank credit cards and parts to make skimming devices found at a Brooklyn home Wednesday Oct. 15, 2014. (Photo: NYPD)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) – Nearly 750 blank credit cards and more than three dozen forged driver’s licenses were found inside a Brooklyn home after police busted a pair allegedly breaking into an ATM to steal parts to make skimmers, authorities said Thursday.

Elvin Pineda, 25, and Luis Fernandez, 28, both of Brooklyn, were arrested Wednesday after they were spotted tinkering with a TD Bank ATM at 1630 Shore Parkway, police said.

They’re accused of trying to strip the ATM of parts with the intent of shipping those parts to China to replicate them for skimming devices that steal customers’ financial identity when they swipe their cards and enter their PIN number.

Sgt. Christopher Dixon and Officer Joseph Lavelle were on patrol Wednesday afternoon when they noticed the pair inside the bank. Getting up close, they say they saw the men using tools to allegedly dismantle the cash machine, police said.

(Photo: NYPD)

Officers who helped bust an alleged ATM theft and financial identity theft scheme pose with the contraband they discovered. (Photo: NYPD)

Under arrest, Pineda and Fernandez — who allegedly had three fake credit cards on him — were taken to the precinct and interviewed. Investigators determined they were allegedly removing parts of the ATM then shipping them to China where they would be replicated and used to make skimming devices.

Pineda allegedly told investigators he had more skimming materials at his apartment.

So officers obtained a search warrant for his Brooklyn home and found the following, according to NYPD: two embossers, two re-encoders, a laminator, two color printers, a tipper machine, six laptops, an HP Computer, a CD Writer, seven flash drives, an iPad, a high definition printer and two signature pads.

The department said officers also found 127 blank Capital One credit cards, 76 blank American Express cards, 338 blank Citibank Cards, 200 blank credit cards and 41 forged New York and out of state driver’s licenses.

Pineda and Fernandez both face charges of felony criminal mischief for allegedly tampering with the ATM.

Pineda faces multiple counts of criminal possession of a forgery device, possession of a forged instrument and possession of a skimmer device, police said.

Fernandez faces charged of grand larceny, identity theft and possession of a forged instrument, police said.

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