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Couple loses 7 babies after refusing to use selective reduction

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PIX11) — A couple in North Carolina lost all seven babies after denying suggested treatment from their doctor.

According to WCNC, Lindsey and Steve Justice have been married for 4 years and have started a beautiful family since they first met at Wake Forest University.

Steve played football there, then joined the NFL and played for the Colts and Carolina Panthers. Lindsey was a soccer player. The couple have two young girls Hannah, 4 and Hope, 2.

After trying for a third child for nine months, Lindsey was diagnosed with PCOS — polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Then, on Steve’s 30th bday, the couple had a breakthrough. Lindsey, who had been taking fertility drugs, presented a positive pregnancy test.

However, their doctor knew something was wrong by their 6 week ultrasound. They were told could Lindsey could be carrying as many as 6 babies.

They suggested the couple use selective reduction, which would mean terminating some of the pregnancies to help give others a better chance at survival.

“He just said ‘this is dangerous. The human body is not meant to carry six-plus babies, and for your health and for the babies–their chances of survival, your best medical option is to selectively reduce.’ Steve and I didn’t even have to look at each other. That was just not going to be an option,” Lindsey told WCNC.

By the 8 week ultrasound, 7 babies made an appearance. The couple started taking home videos daily documenting the pregnancy.

During the 21st week, Lindsey’s water broke and started having contractions. A normal pregnancy lasts 38 weeks.

Lindsey gave birth to Mercy, then 5 other babies, all of them tragically died with in hours.

“And what I would give to nurse them, to hold them, to rock them to sleep, to dress them. I want to be their mom, I want them to be here, you know. But that wasn’t God’s will.”

The couple sleeps with a different blanket that wrapped each of their late daughters every night, and treasure a photo of all of their feet.

“We don’t have strength right now, we are broken, we are in deep mourning. We held each one of our six girls and said goodbye to them. They were all living. They all have birth certificates, they all have a first name a middle name and a last name.”



  • Natalia

    They are incredibly selfish and should be happy with the 2 children God has blessed them with! Greedy people. No way all 7 would have been healthy all squished in her belly like that. They got what they deserved

  • Thewalrus

    Sad that they lost them but they were silly thinking they could handle a 6+ baby pregnany. Thats not natural. Should’ve listened to the doc.

  • cdsweetie

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?!?! They could’ve chosen to listen to the doctor and maybe had two or three more children, but there were SEVEN babies in her womb. Did she really think that they all were going to survive and grow in there? Now ALL the babies are gone. So very sad.

  • Edward Palacio

    So let me get this straight. They didn’t want to do the procedure because of “god’s will” but yet they took fertility drugs? Please, religious folk, explain to me how this isn’t contradictory. smh Religion is for sheep. I do feel bad for them but this is just dumb.

  • Jessica

    Wow…some people have no compassion. You don’t have to like or agree with their decision but come on people….really? Is it really necessary to harp on another person’s pain?

  • hmontaigne

    I’m sorry, I understand the instinct, but people who are infertile need to accept their situation. The world doesn’t need more children, there are enough already.

  • Valerie Zeiser

    Re: “I want to be their mom, I want them to be here, you know. But that wasn’t God’s will.”
    Dear Lindsey & Steve;
    I’d like to share a couple of scriptures with you:
    1 John 4:8 states: “…God is love”. A God of love would not take baby away from a mother because “he needs another angel in heaven”. That would be an incredibly evil thing to do to a mother, who has plans for her new baby.

    Job 34:23 “For he sets no appointed time for any man To go to God in judgment”. It is not “God’s Will” to set a time to “call people to judgement or to die”. The doctor himself said that the body was not meant to carry 6-plus babies.

    And, I care about you two and what you are going through. But try to understand that if you had aborted some of the fetus’, you would have spent the rest of your lives wondering how they would have turned out. I know this – because a friend of mine had some of her’s aborted and a day doesn’t go by that she doesn’t think about that.

  • Dawn Levesque

    then they have no one but themselves to blame. This wasent a case of a missed diagnosis, accident, or missed information they knew exactly what would happen and they knew why, they choose that path.

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