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Hundreds gather to support victims of Sayreville H.S. hazing scandal

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SAYREVILLE, N.J. (PIX11) -- Hundreds of people gathered at a Sayreville, New Jersey park Sunday evening to support the victims of a high school hazing scandal.

A scandal that has resulted in seven arrests of Sayreville War Memorial High School students. The football players  are accused of holding down four younger players and assaulting them.

And according to a lawyer for the school board, the students have been suspended.

"While we are legally restricted from speaking about individual students, it would be fair to say that any student arrested in connection with the matter involving the football program is suspended from Sayreville War Memorial High School," attorney Jonathan Busch said.

Prosecutors announced last week the teens were charged with various crimes including sexual assault.

After days of debate and division in the town, hundreds joined together Sunday at an early evening vigil at Kennedy park across from the high school.

There were prayers and tears for the victims.

"I want to support all the victims because that shouldn't have happened to them. I feel very bad for them," student Paige Migee said.

The event also brought out victims' rights advocates, including Bob Hoatson of

Many hope the high school students who were hazed and attacked will eventually heal.

"They are so courageous for coming forward and finally explaining what happens to them. And fortunately there's no more secrets here anymore," Hoatson said.