Elderly man hit by Coca-Cola truck while crossing street in Manhattan

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- An elderly man was hit by a Coca-Cola truck while crossing a Manhattan street Friday afternoon.

The man was crossing East 96th Street and Third Avenue at about 1:30 p.m. when he was struck.

(Photo: James Ford/WPIX)

(Photo: Andrea Karshan)

He was taken to an area hospital in critical condition with severe head trauma.


  • Linda

    Struck by inattentive drier turning into crosswalk. The old man had a walk sign and was in the crosswalk. The driver will get a ticket. Maybe. when will NY care about it citizens and start enforcing traffic laws?

    • dannycrux

      There where no traffic laws broken nor tickets given. If you where a driver when the walk signals tells you to walk at the same time it turns green for the drivers on the the cross street to go.

      It’s a tragic accident and my heart goes out to
      All involved . But it’s something that many of us don’t understand of the increased blind spot you have when turning because of the angles to the frame of the windshield that prevent 100% visibility .

      Pedestrians and drivers should all be more aware
      When crossing a street and the importance of making eye contact with the driver because chances are that you might just be walking into there blind spot or one of you may be distracted .

  • Inphanie

    Yea i was wondering what happened, I couldn’t go straight through I had to make a right on 9th and go around

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