US Airways flight delayed after passenger sneezed and yelled, ‘I have Ebola!’

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PHILADELPHIA (PIX11) -- A US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republica had to be held at the landing gate Wednesday after a passenger sneezed then screamed, "I have Ebola! I've been to Africa!"

The flight attendant says she thinks the man who said it is an idiot and a medical team had to board the plane in Hazmat suits.

The man who claimed to have Ebola was taken to a separate medical area.

Turns out, he has never been to Africa and he most certainly does not have Ebola.

Passengers were held on the plane for two hours before they were allowed to disembark.

It is unclear if the man will be charged with a crime.


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  • William Calvert

    What’s more scary – the passenger who thinks it’s a joke to trap others on the plane with him for over 2 hours while they are thinking they’ve been exposed to a deadly disease, or an “important” executive who has to get to his destination for a presentation to his staff! Has to get off the plane now!! What’s so important that he will risk the lives of thousands for his company bonus?

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