NYPD officer knocks out teen with cigarette

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(PIX11) -- Yet another instance of alleged violent police misconduct has been caught on tape, this time, a 17-year-old appears to be knocked out cold by an off-duty cop.

The Daily News just released this video of a controversial arrest that actually happened back in June.

The kid in cuffs is 17-year-old Marcel Hammer.

According to the lawsuit his family just filed, he was smoking a cigarette when he was stopped by the off-duty officer.

That officer apparently thought Hammer was smoking pot, and words turned into a physical altercation.

Hammer was cuffed and punched in the head.

His friends can be heard screaming in the background "It was only a cigarette!"

The officer involved has been suspended from duty.

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  • Michael

    And they wonder why so many people hate the police! An off duty state policeman attempted to instill fear into me after I confronted him about running a stop sign and cutting me off. His first words were” Do you know who I am?” I told him no and I could care less who he is. That is when he said he was a state policeman. I promptly told him that he is not on duty and NOT driving a police car so he is no better than anyone else out here.
    Some (and it is very few) police have my respect for the job they do. But unfortunately most see themselves as entitled and above the law and everyone else.

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